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RIP, Daisy


It’s been a rough week. We said goodbye to our beloved Daisy ¬†tonight. I’ve shed a lot of tears — before, during and after — and I’ll probably shed lots more in the coming days. Saying goodbye to a pet is seriously one of the hardest things to do. KP and I adopted Daisy in […]

Rainy Monday…


… calls for a nap.

RIP, Spike


One of our favorite furry friends, Spike Thekilla, left us for dog heaven yesterday. We met Spike about four years ago. And, had we not met Spike, we would’ve never gotten Daisy. Spike’s Dad, Frank, rescued him six years ago from the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, a group that does wonderful work. Frank always got […]

Our Thanksgiving included a 12-hour drive to Pennsylvania (and of course, another 12-hour drive home). I was pretty sure Daisy wasn’t up for that kind of a trip, nor were we up for having her in the car with us that long given her gas issues… not to mention my frequent climbing into the backseat […]

… kinda feels that way, anyway. One of the symptoms of Cushing’s disease is excessive drinking… and consequently, more frequent urination. Having cleaned up three accidents that Daisy has uncharacteristically had in the house as of late, we’re definitely starting to see more of the symptoms rear their ugly heads. Kind of feels like we […]

RIP, Biskit


This was a sad week for one of our furry friends. We learned last weekend that Biskit (pictured above, center) had gotten very ill out of the blue. She had a fever and her kidney and liver levels were elevated. She was taken to the doggie ER and they did lots of tests to no […]

Poor Daisy. I don’t think she envisioned her golden years quite like this. First, we bring a baby into the house and shower her with all of the attention that Daisy used to get (well,¬†most of it, anyway). Then our vet ran some tests on Daisy which had abnormal results. He thinks she might have […]