RIP, Spike

Daisy & Spike

This picture says it all. Daisy, barking like a big mouth, and Spike completely ignoring her nonsense.

One of our favorite furry friends, Spike Thekilla, left us for dog heaven yesterday.

We met Spike about four years ago. And, had we not met Spike, we would’ve never gotten Daisy. Spike’s Dad, Frank, rescued him six years ago from the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, a group that does wonderful work. Frank always got emails when the organization rescued new dogs, and he forwarded the one with Daisy’s picture to me. We immediately pursued her and the rest is history. So, we have Spike to thank for crotchety, gassy Daisy.

Frank was lucky to have Spike and vice versa. I’m not sure who was luckier, actually. Frank took amazing care of Spike, but Spike always looked out for Frank, too. They were a great pair. Spike was nearly always at Frank’s side; he took him along on everything he did — jet skiing, beer drinking, you name it…



Spike and Daisy had a love/hate relationship, heavier on the hate side, I’d say. Maybe “hate” is too strong of a word. Let’s just say from day one, Spike didn’t put up with many of Daisy’s high-maintenance antics; he just grinned and bore it — rightly so. Frank often kept Daisy for us when we traveled, much to Spike’s chagrin, no doubt. She stole his toys, his bed and his food, and snapped at him plenty, too. These two simply coexisted. The one and only thing they could agree on was sunbathing. Oh, and dog ice-cream.

I don’t know what the first eight years of Spike’s life were like before Frank; I don’t think they were very good. But I can guarantee that his last six were the best any dog could ask for, thanks to Frank. We’ll miss our little buddy and hope he gets all the sunny spots in dog heaven.



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