Daisy’s Thanksgiving


Our Thanksgiving included a 12-hour drive to Pennsylvania (and of course, another 12-hour drive home). I was pretty sure Daisy wasn’t up for that kind of a trip, nor were we up for having her in the car with us that long given her gas issues… not to mention my frequent climbing into the backseat to keep Nora company or feed her.

So, off Daisy went to Earth Pups. And per usual, drama ensued at the drop-off. “But I don’t wanna go!!!”

"That's cool, Dad; you stay, I'll go home."

“That’s cool, Dad; you stay, I’ll go home.”

And per usual, I’m pretty certain Daisy had a grand old time. Little does she know, she’s captured on film.

Here she is, not enjoying hanging out with other dogs...

Here she is, not enjoying hanging out with other dogs…

To be honest, Daisy isn’t much of a dog’s dog. We used to take her to a dog park until she made it adamantly clear that she had no interest in the dogs there whatsoever, but would much rather hang out with the human beings. Still, it would be hard for her to convince me that she doesn’t enjoy the perks of Earth Pups. Ground turkey and sweet potato on Thanksgiving? They had her at “turkey.”

Earth Pups Thanksgiving

We are thankful for Earth Pups all year long, and even more so, for their willingness to accept our “unique and special” Daisy (“love bites” and all) just as she is.


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