Two Babies in the House


… kinda feels that way, anyway. One of the symptoms of Cushing’s disease is excessive drinking… and consequently, more frequent urination. Having cleaned up three accidents that Daisy has uncharacteristically had in the house as of late, we’re definitely starting to see more of the symptoms rear their ugly heads. Kind of feels like we have two babies in the house, in that respect!

So it’s been confirmed that Daisy has the pituitary type of Cushing’s disease. The good news is that it’s treatable. Although, according to Daisy’s vet, they don’t always treat it because of the potential impact that treatment can have. They decided that treatment would be a good option for Daisy, though, but we’ll have to monitor her treatment closely to ensure that she doesn’t develop Addison’s, which is basically the opposite of Cushing’s but what some dogs develop with treatment.

She’ll start her new meds as soon as we receive the prescription, and after seven to ten days she’ll go back to the vet for an ACTH challenge to ensure that the meds aren’t negatively impacting her. She’ll do that test again in a month and then I think again in three months — the key being frequent monitoring until the vet is satisfied that the meds are only doing what they need to do to treat Cushing’s, but not so much that it causes the development of another disease.

I would’ve never imagined we’d be dealing with all of this with Daisy, but I just thank my lucky stars that this is all it is, and that it’s manageable.



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