Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s to the Vet I Go…


Poor Daisy. I don’t think she envisioned her golden years quite like this. First, we bring a baby into the house and shower her with all of the attention that Daisy used to get (well, most of it, anyway).

Beep beep

“Of course she gets a car… she’s been here all of five minutes, after all.”

Then our vet ran some tests on Daisy which had abnormal results. He thinks she might have Cushing’s disease. Unfortunately, they can’t do a simple test that will have a positive or negative result to determine if she does, in fact, have the disease. Instead, it’s a series of tests — expensive tests, naturally — that they have to conduct.


So far she’s had two rounds of tests, and both results pointed to her having Cushing’s, but it still isn’t certain. We’re told that the last step in the process will be an abdominal ultrasound, then they should have a better sense of whether or not she has the disease and what our next course of action will be.

I didn’t know much about Cushing’s disease before, other than that it’s a disease that humans can get, too. And even after the vet explained it a bit I still didn’t fully grasp everything, so of course I did a lot of reading online. PetMD (seemingly like WebMD!) seemed to have the best outline of the disease, which lists all of the symptoms — many of which Daisy has been exhibiting lately…

The good news is that a) the vet seems to think it’s the pituitary type that Daisy has and b) it’s manageable with oral medication. Hopefully we’ll know for sure one way or the other very soon.


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