Daisy’s Labor Day Weekend Getaway


While we were out of town for the holiday weekend, we took Daisy to Earth Pups. And while she acts like a total Nervous Nelly on our way there, I just know she loves that place.

Nervous Nelly, AKA, Daisy

How do I know she loves that place? Because they post photos on their Facebook page and I get to see her in action throughout the weekend. Does this look like the face of a dog who’s having a miserable time?

Daisy at Earth Pups

photo credit: Earth Pups

I think not.

We love Earth Pups. And so does Daisy. Nearly every time we go to pick her up be it after a short day care visit or a multi-night stay, she always seems so happy and has to run back to “say” goodbye to whomever is working there that day. Of course, I’m sure that has something to do with being given treats before she goes, too, but she truly seems to be happy, as happy as a Nervous Nelly like Daisy can be.

"Don't let my parents know I'm having fun without them."

“Don’t let my parents know I’m having fun without them.”
photo credit: Earth Pups




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