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Yes, it’s a fact that Daisy and Nora got off to a rocky start. What, with Daisy barking every time Nora so much as breathed her first few weeks home from the hospital. Eventually that tapered off and now she mostly ignores Nora. She’s gotten a little more interested, for lack of a better way […]

Yep, that’s our Daisy. When Kalyana picked her up from Earth Pups today, they told him they’d mail Daisy’s blanket to us because it was still in the wash (yes, they’re so awesome that they wash your dog’s blankets). But I didn’t think they had our new address so I called to give it to […]

While we were out of town for the holiday weekend, we took Daisy to Earth Pups. And while she acts like a total Nervous Nelly on our way there, I just know she loves that place. How do I know she loves that place? Because they post photos on their Facebook page and I get […]