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Daisy! While she didn’t win placement in the 2013 Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue calendar contest, she will be featured on a notecard. Place your order today to help this very worthy charitable organization. Advertisements

Calendar Girl


Daisy has once again found herself entered in the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue’s annual calendar contest. Please do your civic duty and vote for Daisy!  You’ll see her mug in shots #93 – #96.

Daisy likes to play this game where, when we’re at home, she acts like she can’t get up on the couch. So we often just pick her up. We know it’s all an act, though. She’s quite capable of getting on the couch as she’s been busted several times. Case in point — I wasn’t […]



We were out of town again this past weekend but Daisy got lucky. She got to stay with Spike and Uncle Frank as opposed to going to the kennel. She and Spike really have a love/hate relationship. They’re much like an old married couple. And while they often pretend to be utterly disgusted with one […]