She Moves in Mysterious Ways


Daisy tried a new kennel last weekend, much to her chagrin, no doubt. I think she liked it, as much as a dog like Daisy can. But when we got her home on Monday, she promptly fell sick with a bad tummy. Luckily it didn’t last but a day, but she’s got what I think must be a little bit of a cold now, too.

And she’s just been acting very un-Daisy-like. She’s much less energetic and she just seems a little glum these days. I know that after I’ve spent an entire day puking my guts out, I don’t feel so spunky, either, so maybe that’s all it is.

She really gave me a good laugh this morning, though, with her bizarre behavior. Typically, after she eats her breakfast she comes upstairs while we’re getting ready for work. She has a bed in the office upstairs so she’ll park herself there or occasionally on the rug in our bedroom until it’s time to go outside. Well, this morning I knew she was upstairs, but she wasn’t in the office and she wasn’t on our rug. After a quick search upstairs, I found the little rascal.

Daisy in the closet

Either she’s sending us a message about her sexuality, or she’s only now discovered the plush (?) carpet on the closet floor.


2 Responses to “She Moves in Mysterious Ways”

  1. Aw. I miss having a dog. They just make life a little nicer and weirder.

  2. They sure do!

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