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“I would appreciate that new couch a whole lot more if you would let me on it.” “I wouldn’t bother with the blankets.” (Yes, there is a dog in there somewhere.) /sigh/

We’re getting our new furniture today, which we’re pretty excited about.  Daisy, on the other hand, was pretty sad (and confused) to see our old couch go.  She and the old couch bonded quite a bit over the past eight months.

I came home from work for a few hours today to wait for the Salvation Army to pick up our old sofa (since Craigslist failed us).  For the first 15 minutes Daisy was pretty happy to see me, but that dwindled quickly and she went back to doing what I suspect she does all day, […]

“… but that doesn’t mean I want to be propositioned while on my evening walk.” Yes, that’s right.  Tonight when we had Daisy on her walk, some slimy guy stopped us and asked if we wanted to mate Daisy.  At first we thought he just meant that he had a male dog and wanted to […]