Well this put a damper on the weekend…


Waiting to see Dr. Sanchez

Daisy has been coughing and hacking for the last week or so, so we decided it was time to take her to the vet.  In all honesty, she’s starting to sound more like a cat than a dog, and that certainly can’t be good.

Hunting for crumbs at the vet's

The first part of her visit she was very good.  She let the vet tech take her temperature which I think always makes me cringe more so than her, and for that, she got treats.  Of course, while we waited for Dr. Sanchez she searched the floor for any leftovers from past patients.

Ssshh, I think hear him coming

We had to wait a long time to see the doctor.  Before Daisy’s appointment, he was taking xrays of a 140-pound dog which required them to sedate the dog… and consequently run into our appointment time.

When Dr. Sanchez finally examined Daisy, he wasn’t able to hear her cough.  I trust that he is a very intelligent man, but you can’t always make dogs do things–like cough–on command, unfortunately.  So he simply gave her an antibiotic to take and hopefully nip the cough.  If not, she has to go back for xrays.  In addition to the cough, Daisy also has a yeast infection in her ear, which is something I didn’t even realize dogs could get (nor do I know how they get it).  So we are to clean her ears twice a week and apply ear drops twice a day… both of which should be very pleasant for all parties involved.


Since Daisy was so well-behaved at the vet, she was rewarded with snuggle time and the Illini game when we got home.  And I was rewarded with Valpolicella.


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