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Sunny days


“Could you please close the curtains?  The sun is blinding me and I need to work on gutting this owl.” Advertisements

“I’m at the ready for anything that might fall!”

Daisy got a lot of new toys at Christmas.  So, like some parents do with kids, we set aside some of her toys to pull out throughout the year instead of letting her have them all at once.  That, and she has a penchant for immediately destroying new toys the second she gets them.  And […]

Daisy has been coughing and hacking for the last week or so, so we decided it was time to take her to the vet.  In all honesty, she’s starting to sound more like a cat than a dog, and that certainly can’t be good. The first part of her visit she was very good.  She […]

“This pillow right here?  No… why would I sleep on your pillow?” “Oh alright… you got me.  I can’t look you in the eye and lie.  Yes, yes I do love this pillow, and I will make it my own just like I have done with the couch and your fleece blanket.”