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Home Sweet Home


We picked up our good dog from her extended stay at day care tonight.  I like the comment in her report card that she likes to “observe” during playtime.  I think this loosely translates to, she doesn’t really care to socialize with the other dogs.  But that’s not entirely true… we caught her frolicking with […]

Cousin Helga


Even though we couldn’t bring Daisy to Florida with us, we’re getting our snoring and farting fix from her beautiful Boxer cousin, Helga.

We’re getting ready to go to Florida for a long weekend and because Daisy is a little too chubby (by airline standards), she can’t come with us.  So she’ll be spending a long weekend at Dogone Fun because her usual dog-sitter is also going out of town this weekend. She’s a sharp cookie; she was […]

“I would agree that this new coat is a bit large and maybe more of a cape than a coat.  At least it isn’t pink.”



“I had a long day at day care yesterday–including a sleepover.  Don’t expect to see me leave this bed today.  Except for dinner.”

  I was perusing Dog Milk earlier, on my quest for a shearling-lined coat for our little diva, when I came across this picture which looks freakishly like Daisy.  She always seems so exhausted when we get home from work, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s because she’s been doing some modeling for EarthWalkers […]

“Even though I’m fully capable of getting up on the sofa, I sometimes pretend that I can’t.  I put my paws up on the cushion and look cute and hope that someone will just pick me up.  Sometimes, I’ll paw at their legs.  I think they used to find this endearing but now they just […]